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Man kills his best friend after fight broke out while playing online game of Defense of the Ancients

By Mason White 5:16 PM February 1, 2017
Man playing video game (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A man was killed by his best friend after a fight broke out during a game of the Defense of the Ancients, which is also known as DOTA, according to police in the Philippines.

Laoag police said that they are looking to arrest Mark Pascual, after being accused of fatally stabbing 25-year-old Ferdinand Madamba Jr.

Pascual is facing a charge of murder. According to the police investigation, Madamba and Pascual have been friends for 10 years.

On Friday, the two friends were playing a game of DOTA on the Internet. During the game, the two friends started to argue. At some point, Madamba challenged Pascual to a fistfight.

Pascual showed up with a knife and stabbed Madamba in the neck and abdomen. The victim’s brother PJ, arrived at the scene, and found Madamba laying in a pool of blood.

Madamba was pronounced dead at the scene. Pascual fled from the scene before police arrived.