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Model records herself licking tongue of her 5-year-old son in public

By Mason White 5:18 PM February 1, 2017
Belen Rodriguez kissing her son
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A model in Italy, is being slammed for recording herself licking her son’s tongue in public.

32-year-old Belen Rodriguez of Milan, was recently seen eating in a restaurant with her 5-year-old son.

At some point, the boy got cream on his face. Rodriguez then turned to her son and began licking his tongue. The boy was not too happy with the gesture and began to make faces.

Rodriguez uploaded the video of the incident to her Instagram account, where it went viral. Most people criticized the mother for licking her son’s tongue, calling it inappropriate.

Rodriguez has uploaded many videos on her social media accounts, which show her kissing her young son on the mouth.

One person wrote that Rodriguez should be ashamed of herself for posting erotic videos of her son. Another person told Rodriguez that she should not act like a cat that cleans its offspring with its tongue.

Some people defended the model, saying that she is having a healthy and loving relationship with her son.