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Pastor flees naked after being caught having sex with married woman on her daughter’s bed

By Mason White 10:03 AM February 1, 2017
Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons and Claynisha Stephens
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A pastor was seen running away naked from a home after a husband pulled a gun on him when he was caught naked in bed with the man’s wife.

37-year-old pastor O. Jermaine Simmons of Tallahassee, Florida, went to the woman’s home to discuss a charity project when they became intimate and had sex in her daughter’s bed.

While Claynisha Stephens, 34, was having sex with the pastor, her 6-year-old son became sick at school.

School officials tried calling Claynisha, and when she did not pick up the phone, they called her husband, 38-year-old Benjamin Stephens III.

He went to the school and then took his son home. When he arrived home with the boy, Benjamin found the naked pastor in bed with his wife.

Benjamin grabbed his gun and threatened to kill the pastor. His wife got between them, and begged her husband not to shoot the pastor in front of the child.

Simmons fled from the home, leaving behind his clothes, phone, keys and wallet. Benjamin then left the home with the pastor’s belongings. He told his wife that he will drop the pastor’s clothes and other items off at the church to expose his cheating.

Claynisha, who has been married for seven years, then called police. She told police that she and Simmons “have been establishing a relationship since October 2016.”

The pastor refused to press charges against the husband, but the woman allegedly said that she will be pressing charges against her husband. So far, Benjamin was not arrested.

After the public humiliation, Simmons called a meeting and he apologized to his parishioners at the Jacob Chapel Baptist Church. He revealed that his wife is standing by him despite his infidelity.

Simmons will continue serving as the pastor of the church.