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Restaurant owner in Belgium boycotts all U.S. products to protest President Donald Trump

By Mason White 11:15 AM February 2, 2017
The company’s ban on American products
By: William Martin

A restaurant owner in Belgium, decided to boycott all U.S. products to make a political statement.

David George, the owner of Zeezicht Cafe in Antwerp, announced that he has stopped serving U.S. brand products “in protest of President Donald Trump and his controversial executive order.”

The restaurant’s owner said that he gathered his staff members and told them that something had to be done against Trump’s policies.

One worker came up with the idea of ​​boycotting all American brand foods such as Coca Cola, Heinz, Lay’s and American company cigarettes.

George said that he and other staff members liked the idea. “An economic boycott is probably the only measure Trump can understand,” he said.

George said that they will begin buying from local companies even if the products are more expensive.

Ironically, George is now following President Trump’s belief system that people and business should support their economy by patronizing local companies.

President Trump has urged American citizens to “Buy American, and hire American.” Now, businesses in Belgium might just thank the President of the United States for bringing them more business.