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Why You Should Love People Who Have Different Political Views

By Mason White 10:41 AM February 2, 2017
By: Michelle Parker

There is so much turmoil in the world, but you don’t need to bring the chaos into your life.

Politicians come and go, but your friends, family and coworkers will be with you for a long time. It is not worth losing them over politics.

This does not mean that you cannot not speak out about what you believe in, but do it in a civil and pleasant manner no matter what your political views are.

Remember that hate will not accomplish anything. It will only push people away.

If you want to make someone see things your way, don’t argue with them. Instead, be pleasant and accepting, and they might eventually come around.

Politics can make people feel down and depressed, don’t allow it to happen to you. If you feel helpless or frustrated stay away from political news.

There are so many happy and positive things happening around you and around the world.

Find some websites that focus on unique and weird news so that you have what to talk about with your family, friends and coworkers rather than talking about politics, which can get you into depressing, upsetting or awkward situations.