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Woman goes to hospital after snake gets stuck in hole of her ear piercing

By Mason White 10:49 AM February 2, 2017
Ashley Glawe
By: Tanya Clark

Firefighters in Oregon, were called after a woman’s pet snake slithered into the hole of her ear piercing.

However, they were unable to remove the pet python from her ear.

Ashley Glawe of Portland, was forced to go to the hospital with her Ball Python named Bart, hanging from her ear.

Glawe was playing with her snake without the plugs in the large hole in her ear lobes when the snake placed its head through the hole.

However, Glawe realized there was no way to safely pull her pet out of her earlobe. She called firefighters before heading to Portland Adventist Hospital’s emergency room.

While waiting for doctors to treat her, Ashley took a photo of the snake hanging from her earlobe.

She shared the photo to Facebook, where she wrote: “By far one of my craziest life moments. Went to the emergency room because my ball python decided to get stuck in my gauged earlobe.”

Glawe said that doctors placed a string between her earlobe and the snake. They added lubricant and then they were able to pull Bart out safely.

Glawe’s ear was bruised, but the snake was unharmed.