How To Declutter Your Home For A More Happy Environment

Clutter (Illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

Everyone likes to live in a clean home.

However, as you get busy with life, cleaning can be left on a back burner. Things then slowly pile up, and the home gets cluttered.

Here are some tips to reclaim your space without too much work.

When you are ready to tackle the task of cleaning your home, make list of areas you want to focus on.

Tackle one small area at time and don’t do too much at a time. Set yourself a time and work for about 10 minutes a day.

Start with the highest trafficked area such as entranceways, the living room or kitchen.

Take one pile of clutter and sort all the items.

Then take one item at a time and see if you really need it.

If it was supposed to serve as a decoration or art piece but it ended up adding to your clutter, you can either put it somewhere else where it will not be seen so the room will look less messy.

If you use the item on a daily basis then find a drawer or cabinet for it so it is out of the way but easy to access.

The items that you need but do not have a proper place, put into a box or bag, until you have time to find a place for them.

Get rid of any items that you did not use in two years. This includes clothes, furniture and toys.

Don’t clutter your house with items that you think you may need in the future. If you did not use it in two years then it is not worth taking up the space in your home.

You can sell the items online, give them to family or friends or donate them.

Take photos of sentimental items that you do not use before getting rid of them. This way, you will save the memory in a tangible photo.

Clear desks and counters. Don't keep things on your countertops as they make the kitchen look more messy and cluttered.