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Woman horrified after giving birth to frog baby

By Mason White 12:36 PM February 3, 2017
Precious Nyath and her baby
By: Precious Nyath and her baby

People are demanding answers after a woman gave birth to a baby that looks more like a frog.

However, the hospital in Zimbabwe, said that they have no medical explanation as to how the woman gave birth to an unusual baby.

36-year-old Precious Nyathi from the village of Gokwe, was eight months pregnant when she went into labor.

She couldn’t make it to the hospital and she gave birth at home. Her husband, Nomore, was shocked when she gave birth to a disfigured baby that looks more like a small frog.

After the birth, Nyathi and the unusual baby were taken to the Gokwe District Hospital, where the baby was treated. However, the baby did not survive.

Village chief Njelele said that hospital staff were unable to explain how this happened.

Village elders ordered the couple to burn their frog baby in a public ceremony. Many people gathered to see the strange baby before being burned.

Photos of the baby was uploaded to the Internet, where they went viral.

“I was expecting a child and this is what the heaven gave us. It’s a hellish experience that will haunt me all my life,” said Nyathi.