Bank employees throw large amount of cash in the trash

Large amount of euros (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

Bank employees panicked after they threw a large amount of cash in the trash and only realized their error when the garbage truck left the branch.

The bank said that the incident unfolded early on Thursday morning.

Employees accidentally discarded a batch of 50,000 euros ($54,000) and it ended up in the trash along with unwanted paper.

On Friday, the employees alerted the management of the garbage collecting company about the error. The managers ordered employees to take the garbage truck to a secluded area and empty the trash on the ground.

Workers then sifted through the pile of garbage, and after several minutes, they located the bank’s trash bags. The employees ripped open the garbage bags and found the envelope of cash.

The cash was returned to the bank, and employees confirmed that they got back the entire sum of discarded money. The managers of the bank said that this was a case of human error.