Lawyer pours coffee on opposing attorney because she was told to be quiet

Lawyers (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A lawyer will have to pay for her outburst during a court sanctioned questioning session, according to court documents in California.

Valeria Calafiore Healy, who represented Loop AI, became angry when Thomas Wallerstein, who represented Almawave USA, told her to be quiet during a deposition.

In response, Healy threw a cup of coffee or slammed it on her table, causing the contents to land on Wallerstein. She is also accused of saying “you need to take a f**king break.”

As a result of the outburst, Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu ordered Healy to pay a $250 in compensation to Wallerstein.

The events occurred during the deposition of Roberto
Pieraccini. Wallerstein took the deposition, and Healy defended it.

Proceedings had been underway for less than an hour before things completely unraveled. Healy was not happy with the questions and threatened to leave.

When Wallerstein told her to be quiet, Healy became angry and used expletives. She then caused the coffee to splash on Wallerstein and his belongings.

A court reporter, Janet Sambataro, said that Healy threw the cup of coffee, which splashed on and around Wallerstein and his belongings.

Sambataro saw that Wallerstein’s shirt and his pants were wet.