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School allows students to make separate White and Colored entrance to teach kids a lesson

By Mason White 1:25 PM February 5, 2017
The door and Jennifer Berry
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A school in Ohio, came under fire after it allowed students to decorate a door, placing a sign on one side that stated White entrance while the other read Colored entrance.

According to Mimi Webb, superintendent of St. Bernard-Elmwood Place Schools, this was not a racist act, but it was done to teach students a lesson as part of Black History Month.

The student who decorated the door, said that a photo of the White entrance and Colored entrance was taken before the project was done.

The decoration was part of a “Breaking the Chains” theme, which was meant to show “how far we have come in society while acknowledging that we need to do more as a society,” the student said.

However, Jennifer Berry, whose daughter is biracial, took offense as her daughter does not belong to either group.

Berry spoke to the school board and asked for the school to apologize to students for making kids like her daughter “feel ashamed of who she is.” Berry added that “her daughter should never feel that way.”

Berry did not accept the student’s explanation or her good intentions. “I believe her intent was for educational purposes, but in Germany, they don’t put out concentration camps to remember the end of the Holocaust,” Berry said.

The decorations have since been taken down.