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60-year-old man files official complaint after paying $2,000 to an escort who did not fulfill his desires

By Mason White 6:20 PM February 6, 2017
Escort (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

An elderly man who was angry that an escort did not fulfill his desires, filed a complaint with trading standards officers in the United Kingdom.

60-year-old Tom Jones of Kent, who is retired, said that he hired 21-year-old Joanne White.

He paid Lucy’s Escorts Kent $2,000 and expected to spend three days and nights with White. However, instead of devoting her time to Jones, White was busy on the phone, chatting with her friends.

Jones also complained that White did not show any interest in him despite paying her to get her attention.

Jones reported Lucy’s Escorts Kent to Cheshire County Council Trading Standards Department, and has demanded a full refund for breach of contract.

A spokesperson for Lucy’s Escorts Kent confirmed that White still works for them. “We are very happy with White as an employee,” the spokesperson added.

The company revealed that White gave Jones a deep discount because he was a regular customer.