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Man beheads his wife and carries her head to police station after catching her making out with her lover

By Mason White 3:53 PM February 6, 2017
Narayan Singh wearing white shirt
By: William Martin

People in India, were horrified to see a man walking down the street with a severed head.

The man was arrested for killing his wife after he arrived at a police station, carrying the severed head.

Narayan Singh, 38, who is a farmer, has been charged with murder after attacking his wife Sarita, 28, with a sword in the middle of a field after he allegedly found her making out with another man.

Residents told police that Singh had caught his wife with another farmer twice before. He forgave her, but he warned her that she will face “dire consequences” if she met him again.

Singh then began spying on his wife, and after several days, he caught her making out with her lover again.

Singh said that he was furious because his wife betrayed him. He then decapitated her.