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School suspends 12-year-old boy who was beaten for wearing red Make America Great Again cap on school bus

By Mason White 6:12 PM February 6, 2017
Gavin Cortina (R) wearing Make America Great Again cap
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A young boy in St. Louis, Missouri, was suspended from school despite being the victim of a politically motivated attack on a school bus.

Christina Cortina said that her 12-year-old son Gavin, was unfairly singled out to be punished for the altercation that unfolded on the school bus.

While Gavin was in his way to his school in the Parkway School District, other students began shouting at him for wearing a red Make America Great Again baseball cap.

One student then yelled “you want to build a f**king wall.”

Gavin was then punched multiple times.

After officials of the school learned about the incident, Gavin was suspended despite the fact that he was the victim of bullying as a result of his political views.

Cortina said that she will no longer allow her son to wear the Make America Great Again cap.