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18-year-old woman gets married to slice of pizza because it is her favorite food

By Mason White 6:10 PM February 7, 2017
Christine Wagner dressed in grandmother’s wedding gown
By: Alexis Bell

A teenager in Ohio, decided to get married to a slice of pizza because it is her favorite food.

18-year-old Christine E. Wagner of Baltimore, published a photo of herself dressed in her grandmother’s wedding gown.

She was then contacted by a photographer for a photoshoot.

She agreed, but wanted to add the slice of pizza as it is her favorite food.

“Wearing grandma’s wedding dress lmao. I’m getting married, but it’s to pizza. Sorry boys, I’m a taken woman,” Wagner wrote on Facebook.

Marcy Ortiz, who is a professional photographer, contacted the teen and proposed the wedding photoshoot.

“This is awesome. We should take pics of you in this with a large pizza. Eating the pizza and loving the pizza like it’s your husband,” Ortiz wrote.

Wagner agreed and she announced the wedding. They ordered a pizza from her favorite shop, Donatos, and Wagner got married to the slice of pizza.