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Man who overdosed on drugs steals ambulance taking him to hospital and crashes it into car

By Mason White 6:08 PM February 7, 2017
Ambulance (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A man who overdosed on drugs, went on a wild crime spree after being taken to a hospital, according to police in Ohio.

Sidney police said that they have arrested the 24-year-old Christian Martin, after stealing the ambulance that took him to the hospital following a drug overdose.

Martin has been charged with theft and driving with a suspended license. He was also cited with willful or wanton disregard to others’ safety on the roadway.

According to the police investigation, Martin was transported to the Wilson Memorial hospital, after acting crazy in his apartment and asking a police officer whether he wanted to smoke marijuana with him.

At some point, Martin ran out of the hospital and sat into the ambulance that transported him to the emergency room. He drove erratically, and crashed head on into the vehicle driven by 75-year-old Larry Adams.

Adams’ vehicle hit the car behind him, belonging to 53-year-old James Darden. Martin jumped out of the ambulance and tried to carjack a woman, but was stopped by passersby.

Martin, Adams and Adams’ passenger, 66-year-old Rebecca Adams, were taken to the hospital for treatment.