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Woman loses her fiance and her job after helping a homeless man

By Mason White 1:00 PM February 7, 2017
Alexis Bell
By: Mason White

A woman lost the love of her life and her good job after being duped by a man.

Chinedu Chukwu of Nigeria, was in a park in Abuja, where she met 45-year-old Raphael Emmanson.

Emmanson gave Chukwu a sob story about how he came from Okigwe in Imo State to Abuja, in order to apply for a visa so that he can travel abroad.

He explained that he was stranded and he needed a place to sleep until the next day when he had an appointment with an embassy.

Chukwu felt bad for the homeless man and she took him to her house. She persuaded her fiance to allow Emmanson to stay with them for the night.

However, after he left, the two stayed in touch and they became friends. Emmanson eventually persuaded Chukwu to leave her fiance and be with him.

Emmanson proposed to the woman and promised to take her along on his overseas trip after they got married.

Emmanson then persuaded the woman to loan him N450,000 ($1,430).

Chukwu agreed and took some of the money from her job at a pharmaceutical company.

As soon as Emmanson received the money, he fled, leaving Chukwu humiliated.

After going to police, Chukwu was fired from her job. After several months, police were able to locate Emmanson.

That is when it was discovered that Emmanson is married and he has two children.

He was taken to the Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court, where he was charged with obtaining under false pretenses and stealing.

Magistrate Mr. J.O.E. Adeyemi granted bail to Emmanson. After posting bail, Emmanson fled and he did not show up to his next court date.

Police are now once again looking for him.