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5-year-old boy dies after his stepfather forced him to run a few miles naked in the cold for bed-wetting

By Mason White 2:01 PM February 8, 2017
By: Mason White

A mother and her husband are facing charges of child abuse after her son died while they carried out a cruel punishment.

Police in France, were called to the scene by the boy’s stepfather after the child collapsed and died close to a canal not far from his home.

The boy, who was identified as Yanis, Aire-sur-la-Lys, was punished by his mother, 22, and his stepfather, 30, for wetting the bed.

According to prosecutors, the boy was forced to run “several miles at about 3:00 a.m., in the cold while wearing only his underwear and socks.”

The stepfather is believed to have been following the boy from behind on a bike. During his run, the boy fell unconscious and suffered injuries to the head.

Investigators believe that the boy suffered cardiac arrest before he collapsed and died.

The mother and stepfather who got married in 2015, have no other children. They were arrested on charges of assault causing death without intention to kill.

Yanis’ aunt Shpetim Xhafa posted photos of him to Facebook and she wrote: “Rest in peace my love.”

The video below shows detectives collecting evidence at the scene of the incident.