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How To Be Happy Without Having A Lot Of Money

By Mason White 1:43 PM February 8, 2017
Money (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

We all need money to eat and have a roof over our heads.

However, money does not have to define us and who we are.

It is certainly nice to have a big house, sports car and luxury items such as jewelry, handbags and other accessories.

If you are known as the person with the expensive items then people are defining you by your money rather than by your character and by who you really are.

When you have money, it plays a big part in the way you dress, the car you drive, the restaurants you eat at and the people you hang around.

When you take away the money from the equation and you are left with just “yourself” then you can reach deep inside of yourself and find out who you really are and what you strengths and weaknesses are.

You get to build yourself up and surround yourself with like minded people who genuinely care about you for the wonderful person you are rather than for your money, favors or connections they can get from you.