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Restaurant writes ‘immigrants make America great’ on customers’ receipts

By Mason White 1:46 PM February 8, 2017
The receipt
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A restaurant owner whose employees are mostly immigrants, decided to express his political views on customers’ receipts.

Mark Simmons, who is the owner of Kiwiana’s restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, said that he employs people from around the world.

Simmons is also an immigrant. He came from New Zealand to the United States, to make his dream a reality.

Simmons, who became famous after he starred in Top Chef Chicago, in season 4, said that although all of his employees are from different parts of the world and they have different cultures, they are all treated as family.

The restaurant that was opened in 2011, employs people from places including Russia, China, Guatemala, the Dominican republic and Puerto Rico.

Simmons said that he decided to voice his opposition to President Donald Trump’s ban of immigrants by adding the words “immigrants make America great, they also cooked your food and served you today” on customers’ receipts.

A customer posted a photo of the receipt to social media, where it went viral.