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Judge bans woman from knocking on doors or ringing door bells

By Mason White 4:48 PM February 9, 2017
Woman knocking on door (illustration)
By: William Martin

A woman who routinely knocked on doors and rang door bells for no reason, was ordered to never knock on a door or ring another door bell, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Claire Bowden of Shifnal, was warned numerous times to stop harassing her neighbors.

The neighbors called police to report that Bowden was knocking on their doors and would not leave. She also rang door bells for no reason.

A judge issued an order to stop harassing her neighbors, and when she breached the order, Bowden was arrested. The Telford County Court has sentenced the woman to serve two months in prison.

The prison term was later suspended on the condition that the woman refrain from disturbing her neighbors.