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Man cleared of murder charges after helping his sister who had vaginal pain

By Mason White 1:47 PM February 9, 2017
Elias Cadoza
By: Tanya Clark

A man was held in jail over a murder he did not commit before being cleared as a result of helping his sister who had vaginal pain.

Police in Florida, were called for a drive by shooting that led to the death of Carlos Rodriguez Martinez.

18-year-old Adela Santos, who was a passenger in the car that was involved in the shooting, told police that 21-year-old Elias Cadoza of Miami, shot the victim.

Santos knew Cadoza as he was a friend of her family.

Cadoza was arrested for the murder, but he was never indicted. He and his family were baffled by the charges as he was helping his sister who had a medical emergency at the time of the shooting.

Defense lawyer Jean-Michel D’Escoubet believes that Santos implicated Cadoza in order to protect her boyfriend, who may have been involved in the shooting.

Cadoza was held in prison without bail for two months, while his family hired a private investigator to prove his innocence.

The private investigator used a 911 call that was made by Cadoza and he tracked down paramedics who came to treat his sister, to prove that the Cadoza was at home at the time of the shooting.

The paramedics provided the court with a sworn statement, verifying his alibi. The paramedics said that they remember Cadoza, who has a speech impediment, in part because of the unusual 911 call regarding his sister’s vaginal pain.

Cadoza waited outside for the emergency workers to arrive and he asked if he can accompany his sister.

When he was unable to ride along in the ambulance, Cadoza walked about one mile to the Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he stayed with his sister until the next morning when she was discharged.

Now, the charges against him were officially dropped.

Santos was arrested after for lying to police about Cadoza’s involvement. She has been charged with being an accessory to murder.