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Pro-abortion protester shoves bloody tampon into mouth of man preaching about God

By Mason White 4:43 PM February 9, 2017
Valerie Starushok and the victim
By: Emily Lewis

A hateful woman became angry when she saw a man preaching about God in the street, according to police in Oregon.

The Ashland Oregon Police Department said that Valerie Starushok, 21, turned herself in and is cooperating with police.

She was booked into the Jackson County Jail, and was charged with one count of harassment.

Starushok, who is pro abortion, yelled “eat this f**king pad,” while shoving the bloody tampon into the man’s face. The victim went to the hospital to take blood tests and he requested that people pray for him.

“During an organized protest in front of the Planned Parenthood located at 1550 Siskiyou Blvd, Starushok approached one of the men and struck him in the face with a bloody tampon. Starushok then ran off towards the rear of the building,” police wrote on Facebook.

“Though I am glad that Ashland PD responded and took this as an active case, I am disheartened by their decision to limit the charges to one count of Misdemeanor Harassment.

‘Knowing that ORS provides at least two more misdemeanor charges that would be applicable to charge, I am disappointed these were not pursued.

“They still can be if Ashland PD chooses to. These charges are disorderly conduct and intimidation. I am actually quite surprised that someone can introduce blood into someone else’s circulatory system and that carries no charge higher than a misdemeanor,” the victim wrote on YouTube.

The video of the attack was uploaded on YouTube.