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Judge refused to jail migrant who beat pregnant wife so he does not lose his visa

By Mason White 8:41 AM February 10, 2017
Pregnant woman (illustration)
By: Mason White

A migrant will be able to stay in Australia, despite abusing his pregnant wife.

The man, who was not named by the court, pleaded guilty at the Melbourne Magistrates Court to hitting his wife.

Prosecutors said that 31-year-old Brunswick man hit his wife after she told him she was pregnant with their first child.

The couple had been married for three years and he wanted his wife to have an abortion, but she refused.

The next day, he demanded again that she have an abortion and when she insisted that she will not kill her unborn baby, he beat her.

The woman became dizzy, but she managed to flee from the house. Her husband then apologized via text message and asked her not to report it, the court heard.

However, the woman went to the police and filed a report.

Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt ordered the man to pay a fine of $1,000 and attend behavior change counseling.

Judge Klestadt did not convict the man of abuse, saying that such a conviction would bring harsher punishment to him than to other members of the community.

Because of the man’s immigration status, if he is convicted of abuse, he could lose his job and visa.

The judge also said that the man showed that he has been working to improve his behavior since that incident. The man and his wife are now separated.