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Rich kid who traveled to the United States to pursue his dreams ends up in prison and facing death sentence

By Mason White 8:54 AM February 10, 2017
Clinton Thinn
By: Tanya Clark

A man from a wealthy family in New Zealand, left to travel to the United States to pursue his dreams.

However, to the shock of his loved ones, he is in now facing the death penalty.

According to his friends, 29-year-old Clinton Thinn of New Zealand, is from a wealthy family, and he went to a good private school and college.

Thinn inherited a lot of money from his mother when she died a few years ago.

Thinn loved to rap and he made several rap videos, which he uploaded to YouTube under the names BigMac and Richochet Rocket.

A friend who met Thinn when they attended Selwyn College in Auckland, said that students often lied to Thinn and told him that he was a good rapper so that he should make more videos.

The friend admits that they led Thinn on because “it was just funny for us to watch,” the friend said.

Sadly, their dishonesty let Thinn to pursue a career in rap music. He traveled to San Diego, California, where he was later arrested during a botched robbery at Bank of America.

Friends were shocked over the news that Thinn tried to rob a bank as he owns his own apartment and a Mercedes.

While he was at George Bailey Detention Facility, the friend said “Thinn was bullied by other inmates over his accent.”

To survive and be protected in prison, Thinn pledged allegiance to a white supremacist gang, which allegedly led to him killing another prisoner.

Thinn is now facing a first-degree murder charge for which he can be sentenced to death.