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Woman shocks crowd by breastfeeding pig live on television

By Mason White 8:50 AM February 10, 2017
The woman holding the pig
By: William Martin

People were left stunned after a woman exposed herself in front of a camera during a television interview.

The strange moment when the woman decided to breastfeed the baby pig was caught on camera in Peru.

The woman was being interviewed by a reporter in Lima, who asked locals about how the heavy rain and floods are affecting their farms.

The woman was seen holding the pig in a brown box. When the reporter approached and questioned her, she took the pig out of the box.

To everyone’s surprise, the woman pulled up her top and placed the animal to her breasts. She placed the pig close to her right breast and began to feed it.

The cameraman quickly moved the focus away from her and showed the shock on the faces of the onlookers.

The woman did not explain why she decided to breastfeed the animal in public. However, people said that she wanted to make a point about how extreme weather had affected food production.