Man is arrested for cursing pregnant neighbor who complained about his girlfriend's loud sex noises that last all night

William Mercer and Carla Baird
By: Tanya Clark

A man was arrested after he got into an argument with his neighbor at a Tesco parking lot over his loud sex sessions.

The pregnant woman of Scotland, called police to report that she was afraid of her neighbor who cursed her for complaining about his loud sex.

28-year-old Carla Baird told police that she is three months pregnant and she is being kept up all night by the love birds.

Baird had called police on the couple on three occasions. On one occasion, police noted that the man was not home when the woman filed her complaint.

One day, after shopping at Tesco, the woman met her neighbor William Mercer, 27, in the Tesco parking lot in Barrhead, and she confronted him over the issue.

“You need to tell your girlfriend to keep it down. It's ridiculous,” Baird told Mercer.

In response, Mercer allegedly shouted abuse at the pregnant woman, and warned her to stop calling police on him and his girlfriend.

Mercer was arrested after Baird told police that said she was afraid of him because he “shouted at her in an aggressive manner.”

The Paisley Sheriff Court heard that on a regular basis, Baird was kept up all night long by her neighbors’ loud sex sessions.

At trial, defense attorney Nadine Dormer asked Baird why she confronted the man at Tesco rather than knocking on his door and discussing the issue.

To which she replied: “I did, but I got absolutely nowhere.”

Pauline Heffron, 30, testified in court that she saw that pair in a heated argument on the day of the incident, but she did not know who started the altercation.

Mercer was then found not guilty of swearing and shouting at the pregnant woman due to lack of evidence.