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Thousands of women protest topless to demand right to sunbathe naked on public beaches

By Mason White 5:34 PM February 12, 2017
Topless women facing off with police
By: Emily Lewis

Thousands of women in Argentina, are protesting in the streets and are demanding to be allowed to sunbathe naked on public beaches.

The protest broke out after several police officers asked three young women to put on their bikinis while sunbathing at a public beach in Buenos Aires.

A scuffle broke out after the women began shouting and denied orders to get dressed or leave the beach. Eventually, the women were forced to flee from the beach.

As a result protest broke out across the country. Protesters are demanding the right of sunbathing in the nude.

Police said that they will fine women who are topless in public for obscene behavior, but one judge ruled that being nude in public is not a crime.

Some protesters call the ban on women being topless gender discrimination as there is no law prohibiting men from sunbathing topless on public beaches.