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Woman suing restaurant after falling off donkey statue while taking pictures

By Mason White 5:29 PM February 12, 2017
Kimberly Bonn
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A woman suffered injuries to her spine after falling off a donkey statue while taking pictures at a restaurant, according to court documents in Florida.

Kimberly Bonn of Tallahassee, is suing the El Jalisco Southwood Mexican restaurant, claiming that it was the restaurant’s fault that she fell of the donkey statue, which caused her to fracture her spine.

According to Bonn, she ate dinner at the restaurant one evening, and after she finished her meal, she climbed onto the statue donkey to take pictures.

Bonn claimed that the restaurant encourages diners to take pictures on the donkey statue. While taking pictures, Bonn fell down to the ground.

Bonn suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured spine.

Bonn is claiming that the restaurant was negligent because they did not place any safety features on the donkey. She wants the restaurant to give her $15,000 in addition to her attorney fees and court costs.