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5 church members die and 13 are injured after priest fed them rat poison to show them the power of God

By Mason White 6:18 PM February 13, 2017
Priest Light Monyeki feeding rat poison to members
By: Emily Lewis

A priest’s plan to show man the power of God, backfired after 5 church members died and 13 suffered injuries, following the ingestion of rat poison.

Priest Light Monyeki of Soshanguve, South Africa, boasted that he will show his followers that do not have to fear “as death has not power over them.”

“The man of God, Prophet Light Monyeki, demonstrated the power of faith by causing congregants to drink Rattax, which is a deadly poison, to show forth their faith,” Grace Living Hope Ministries wrote on Facebook.

“We do not need to proclaim faith because we are believers. Death has no power over us,” the priest said. “Monyeki then declared life from above upon the water mixed with Rattax,” the church said.

He then spoke about nourishment unto bodies and healing unto the sick. A multitude of congregants voluntarily ran to priest to have a drink of the deadly poison.

After declaring nourishment and healing, Monyeki was the first one to drink followed by numerous church members. The plan backfired, as many members began complaining of severe stomach pain.

Later in the day, 5 church members have died and 13 were still in the hospital as a result of drinking the poison, according to Ghana Star.

When Monyeki was confronted about the deaths and injuries, he allegedly said that too much of any good thing can be bad.

Police launched an investigation, but so far, no arrests have been made.