Dealer hides $13,000 worth of drugs in Nesquik chocolate powder container at supermarket

Nesquik Chocolate Powder (Illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A man is suing a supermarket after he found drugs in the bottle of a chocolate powder that he bought.

The man of Spain, was shopping at the supermarket and he bought a Nesquik chocolate powder.

However, when he got home, he found a white powder in the container. The man took the bottle to the police station in Zaragoza.

Detectives conducted an investigation and tests showed the white powder was cocaine with an estimated local street value of £11,200 ($13,000).

Police reviewed the store’s surveillance videos and they are now looking for the suspect. They are also waiting for the results of fingerprints that were found on the packets of drugs.

Police believe that the dealer hid the drugs in the chocolate powder for his customer, but the innocent man got it before the customer.

Attorney Francisco Javier Acin confirmed that he had was hired to take legal action against the supermarket on grounds of the “moral damage” his client had suffered.