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Girls plot to kill school principal with poison because they were punished for leaving classroom without permission

By Mason White 5:33 PM February 14, 2017
Kelly Lynn Praytor (R) and Shelbi Grace Gill
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) Several students who became really angry for being punished by the principal, decided to use poison to get rid of him, according to police in Texas.

The Lorena Police Department said that they have arrested 17-year-old Kelly Lynn Praytor and 17-year-old Shelbi Grace Gill, after being accused of plotting to kill their principal, who punished them for leaving school without permission.

Both girls have been charged with one count of making a terroristic threat. They were booked into the McLennan County Jail, and bail has been set at $1,000 each.

According to the criminal complaint, a substitute teacher, who was identified as Staci Landry, overheard the girls discussing their plans to kill principal Marcus Wilson.

The teacher became alarmed when she heard the girls talking about killing the principal by poisoning him with an undetectable substance in order to get away with the crime.

Wilson confronted the students, who did not deny their plans.

The girls also made comments about Wilson’s wife and children.