Partners beat each other up before calling police officers ‘Trump-loving pigs’ for arresting them

Amber Louise Thomas and Jesse Norton
By: Mason White

A couple was arrested after fighting with each other.

Police in Gainesville, Florida, were called to the scene outside of Pascal's Coffeehouse, where a man and a woman were seen fighting.

Officer found Amber Louise Thomas and Jesse Norton, both 27, who were drunk.

An officer saw Norton pushing Thomas to the floor with his shoulder. Thomas then punched Norton in the face, according to the police report.

Thomas also fell to the ground and officers ordered them both to remain on the ground.

The partners, who admitted that they were in a bar earlier, were arrested.

Thomas became angry, threw her head back and hit the face of the female arresting officer, causing injuries to the officer’s lips.

Thomas cursed at the officers and called them “Trump-loving pigs,” according to the police report.

While an officer was trying to search Norton, he kicked the officer.

Thomas and Norton were arrested on charges of battery, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

They were booked into the Alachua County Jail. Norton is being held on a $17,500 bail while Thomas was released on her own recognizance.