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Woman uses Find My iPhone to catch her husband at his lover’s house

By Mason White 1:24 PM February 14, 2017
Khadijah Bilal

A man was busted for cheating on his wife after his partner used the Find My iPhone to confront him at his lover’s house.

33-year-old Khadijah Bilal of the United Kingdom, suspected that her husband was cheating because he was “working late” and he was out a lot.

Bilal said that she suspected her husband of cheating since last year. However, since she was expecting their second child, she let it go.

However, after she gave birth, she decided to get to the bottom of it. Bilal’s husband used her old iPhone since his phone had been broken. She activated the Find My iPhone app.

She then followed his movements for three weeks, and she realized that he was often at a home in Moseley, which 10 miles from their home.

With enough evidence, she went to the woman’s home and found her husband in his car with his lover in the passenger seat.

Bilal said that she banged on the window, but her cheating husband did not respond. Instead, he quickly drove off.

“I had to prove to myself, to my family and to his family what he was doing. I also had to have it confirmed for myself, for my own sanity,” Bilal said.

The partners, who have been together for five years and married for 4 years, has since broken up and Bilal will file for divorce.