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Arsonist suffers severe burns while trying to set shops on fire after flames engulfed his body

By Mason White 5:13 PM February 15, 2017
Arsonist setting shops on fire
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A criminal who tried to set shops on fire, suffered severe burns after the flames engulfed his body, according to police in South Africa.

South Coast Police said that surveillance cameras recorded footage of the arson at the Old Reynella.

Police investigating the arson attack at the group of shops on Sunday, have released video, capturing the incident that has also injured the suspect.

The video shows two people at the rear of the shops on Old South Road at 3:20 a.m. One male poured the accelerant on the premises and then ignited it.

At the point of ignition, an explosion occurred, startling the suspect who ran from the fire, rolling under a fence with flames surrounding his lower leg and foot.

Quick thinking residents who heard the explosion, alerted the fire department, and then tackled the blaze until fire crews arrived, keeping the damage to a minimum.

Police are seeking any information on the identity of the suspects shown in the video.

Anyone with information on the incident or about people who may have burns on their legs or clothing, were asked to contact Crime Stoppers.