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BMW driver blocks police speed camera to save drivers from getting ticket as revenge after he was ticketed

By Mason White 2:05 PM February 16, 2017
Chris Welford blocking the camera
By: Mason White

A man of the United Kingdom, who was unable to get out of a speeding ticket, took revenge in a unique way.

23-year-old Chris Welford said that he got a ticket when he first began driving about five years ago, after he was caught speeding by the camera inside a police van in Skelton, North Yorkshire.

Recently, he spotted the van in the same spot where he was ticketed, and he decided to get revenge.

Welford had one hour to kill so he parked his BMW in front of the police van and opened his trunk in order to obscure the camera’s view of passing cars.

Welford said that people honked their horn at him in approval of his actions while others called him a hero.

He also spotted two police officers in an unmarked car. He said that they stopped and looked at what he was doing before they drove off without saying anything.

He then posted a photo of his actions to Facebook, where it went viral.

People loved his antics. “One person got in touch with me and said ‘not all heroes wear capes,’” Welford said.

However, Welford said that after the news of his antics spread, police came to his home and warned him that if he blocked the camera again, he can be arrested on charges of harassment.