How To Teach Your Children To Behave Properly In A Restaurant

Child eating (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

Going out to eat at restaurants with children can be difficult as kids do not have much patience to sit around.

Here are some tips to make eating out with children more fun and quiet.

Give your children something to eat before you go so they are not very hungry. Hungry children are cranky.

Take along coloring books and crayons, or papers and stickers to keep the little ones occupied.

Take along snacks that they love and that take time to eat so they are busy with their food for a while.

For a bit older kids, you can take along LEGO. People will rather see your children playing on the floor nicely than have them fighting or crying from boredom.

Tell your child that people don't like loud noise while they're eating.

In case the ordered food takes a while to come, take your children on walks outside the restaurant.

If children misbehave at restaurants, then start by going out for small meals or just for dessert, but not to upscale restaurants.

If the children misbehave, take them to the car and wait with them until the rest of family is done eating. After doing so two or three times, they will learn to behave and you will be able to enjoy years of happy and peaceful meals.

You can also ask for your check and carry-out boxes, and finish the meal at home or in a nearby park, where your children can run around while you relax and finish your meal.