Makeup artist who cannot resist men made deal her boyfriend she can sleep around but he must stay faithful

Beatrice Gibbs and Adam Gillet
By: William Martin

A young woman of the United Kingdom, fell in love with a man, but she admitted that she cannot stay faithful.

The woman told her boyfriend that the only way she was going to stay with him is if he will stay faithful to her and that he never cheat on her.

27-year-old Adam Gillet agreed to stay faithful.

However, his girlfriend, 22-year-old Beatrice Gibbs of Milton Keynes, told him that she cannot commit to sleeping with just him.

She gave him an ultimatum. If he wanted to stay with her, he will have to allow her to sleep with other men, while he must stay faithful. Otherwise, she was going to leave him.

Gillet agreed to the terms in order to stay with her. However, he admits that he has “pangs of jealousy” when Gibbs talks about the other men she sleeps with.

Gillet said that he has learned to deal with his feelings of jealousy and he just stays quiet in order to keep his girlfriend happy.

The woman said that she has sex with five different men and she had kissed many guys since starting her open relationship with Gillet 18 months ago.

Gibbs is very happy with the situation. She said that it was the perfect situation as she has a boyfriend whom she loves, but she also gets to have fun with other men when she wants to.

Gibbs has received a lot of criticism for being selfish. She said that some people think “I'm having my cake and eating it too, but we are happy and we're not causing any harm to anyone.”

“I don't feel guilty as we both agreed to our open relationship. I know it must be difficult for my boyfriend, but it is the only way we could be together,” Gibbs said.