Man smuggles 12 bars of gold into country by hiding them in his rectum

Gold bars (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A professional smuggler in India, admitted that he routinely stuffs gold bars in his rectum in order to avoid customs officials at airports.

Hyderabad police said that they have arrested the man, who was not identified, after arriving at the Rajiv Gandhi airport from Singapore.

Customs officers at the airport stopped the man on Sunday, after the 5 hour long flight after walking in a suspicious manner.

The suspect was ordered to walk through an X-ray machine, which revealed foreign objects in his rectum. Police recovered 12 gold bars, weighing 800 grams and worth about $100,000.

Police also recovered an additional 8 gold bars in his luggage hidden inside LED lights. The suspect admitted that he hid the gold bars in his rectum before boarding the flight in Singapore.

The man had the gold bars in his rectum for more than 5 hours.

A gold smuggler revealed that the maximum amount of gold people should hide in their rectum is 800 grams.

He also advised potential smugglers to practice walking normally with gold bars hidden in the rectum to avoid the suspicion of customs officers around the world.