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Restaurant offers large discounts to families with well-behaved children

By Mason White 6:11 PM February 16, 2017
Discount for well behaved children
By: William Martin

A restaurant owner in Italy, announced that he has decided to offer large discounts to families with well-behaved children after numerous customers complained about too much noise.

Antonio Ferrari of Padua, said that at first, he thought that it is impossible for parents to control their children, and he learned to live with the noise.

However, all of that charged when parents with five children sat for several hours at one table, and they behaved very well.

When it came the time to pay for their meal, Ferrari offered the family a 5% discount because they controlled their children and did not bother other customers.

Since then, Ferrari has awarded two other families with discounts for their well behaved children.

The restaurant owner estimates that around 30 percent of parents have no idea how to keep their children under control, and many more have kids who won’t listen.

Often, children run around the restaurant, bothering other customers and causing waiters to drop their food. Ferrari, who does not have any children, agrees that it could be difficult to control small kids.

Some parents told Ferrari that their children can do whatever they please because a restaurant is a public space.