Son finds his mother naked and stabbed to death with her eyes gouged out

Frans Maela (left) and Tanya Wiers
By: Alexis Bell

A teenager came home from school to find his mother naked and dead with her eyes missing.

The teenager of South Africa, called his father Rolf Snr.

The man called his wife’s friends and asked her to quickly go to the home after his son was incoherent and said something about her being dead.

Police said that the scene was extremely shocking and one of the most gruesome murders they have ever seen.

Police said that 44-year-old Tanya Wiers, who was a mother of three children, was murdered at her home in Polokwane. She was stripped of her clothes, stabbed 21 times and her eyes were gouged out.

The home was in disarray, pointing to a robbery gone wrong. The married mother was found dead in her daughter's room while her master bedroom was vandalized as the thief was looking for items.

Police arrested 25-year-old Frans Maela in connection with the brutal murder.

Edwel Community Policing spokesman Brigadier Motafela Mojapelo said that the victim had defensive wounds, which made it evident that she fought for her life.

“There was so much blood and her defensive wounds tell their own horrifying story,” Mojapelo said.