DJ chops off man’s finger before posing with it on Snapchat

Malachi Halstead
By: Emily Lewis

A DJ in the United Kingdom, was jailed after he carried out a bizarre attack and boasted about it.

35-year-old Malachi Halstead of South Wales, who is also known as DJ Madskie, allegedly bought drugs from Teerath Mann, 23.

When he returned home, Halstead realized that his money went missing.

He accused the drug dealer of stealing the money and he decided to take revenge.

Prosecutor Heath Edwards said that Halstead lured Mann into his car and drove him to a secluded cemetery. He then ordered Mann to place his hand on a piece of wood and he used a meat cleaver to chop off the victim’s finger.

Halstead took videos and photos of the finger and of the injured man, and he posted them to Snapchat. In the video, he was heard saying: “See that? I chopped that off. Anyone f**k with me, this is what I do to him, I chop off their digits.”

Halstead denied the allegations. However, after the jury at the Cardiff Crown Court saw the Snapchat videos, he was found guilty of wounding with intent.

Recorder Christopher Clee QC called the attack “utterly barbaric” and said that Halstead altered the videos in order to humiliate the victim, and to make him “look and sound pathetic.”

Halstead sentenced to 14 years in prison.

After sentencing, Detective Constable Eirian Williams said “Malachi Halstead enacted a terrible life changing injury on the victim. We are delighted that this particularly violent individual has been convicted and we hope this lengthy sentence serves as a warning to others.”