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Grandmother kills her granddaughter in hotel room before committing suicide

By Mason White 1:43 PM February 17, 2017
Fayth Elizabeth Norman
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A woman was shocked to learn that her mother killed her daughter while they were on vacation.

15-year-old Fayth Elizabeth Norman posted photos of the view of their hotel room before she was found dead when her grandmother failed to check out of the Hilton hotel in Fort Worth, Texas.

Police found Norman and her grandmother Charlott Livingston, dead in the room of gunshot wounds. Police said that the scene appeared to be a murder-suicide.

The 15-year-old girl was taken from her mother by CPS and placed in the custody of her grandmother about 10 years ago.

She did have a relationship with her mother, Candice Norman, her mother’s fiance and their two young daughters, as well as with her father, and his wife and daughter.

Candice said that she told CPS on numerous occasions that her mother seemed to be suffering from mental illness, but they refused to act on her suspicions.

However, despite her concerns, Candice said that she never thought that her mother was a threat and could one day take her daughter’s life.

Police found a suicide note that was left behind by the grandmother, saying that she “wanted to take Fayth’s life because she didn’t want the teenager to live the type of life she had to live,” according to police.