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Mother finds naked unconscious teenager lying under her young daughter’s bed

By Mason White 1:47 PM February 17, 2017
Girl sleeping in bed (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

Police were called to a home in the United Kingdom, after a mother found a naked teenager under her daughter’s bed.

The mother of Derbyshire, said that she woke up during the night after hearing noise. At first, she thought that it was either her husband or her daughters.

However, when she went to the kitchen, she found a pair of wet men’s jeans.

She also saw a broken gate outside of her home. The frightened mother then found the teenager lying naked under her daughter’s bed.

Police arrested 18-year-old Jack Heathcote of Darley Dale.

Heathcote told police that he drank 10 pints of beer at the Duke of Wellington pub, but he could not give any explanation as to how he got into the home or why he went under the bed.

Prosecutor John Cooper told Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court that the family was left in distress since the incident.

When he was taken to jail, Heathcote urinated in the police vehicle.

Defense attorney Kevin Tomlinson explained that his client was only charged with damage to the family’s fense and damage to the police car because trespassing is not a criminal offence.

Tomlinson added that Heathcote was drunk when he believed that he was entering his own home. He had no criminal intent.

Heathcote apologized to the family for his actions. He was ordered to pay fines £1,260 ($1,500)