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Man fatally beats his first wife because she fought with his second wife

By Mason White 6:06 PM February 19, 2017
Subodh Kumar
By: Mason White

A man in India, was arrested for killing his first wife because she often fought with his second wife.

The man’s neighbors called Delhi police after a terrible smell emanated from his home.

Officers found the body of his first wife who had been dead for 72 hours.

Police arrested the woman’s husband, 40-year-old Subodh Kumar, who works as a plumber.

Kumar told police that his first wife objected to the presence of his second wife, making him very angry.

Kumar, who has two daughters with his first wife and he has a 2-month-old baby with his second wife, couldn’t stand the fact that the “two women often fought with each other,” a police officer said.

One day, he locked his second wife and children into a room, and he beat his first wife. Police said that he beat the woman with a stick and he threw her against a wall several times, leaving her with head injuries.

When the woman succumbed to her injuries, Kumar beheaded her and chopped up her body. He told police that he planned on discarding pieces of her body throughout the week to avoid being caught.

However, his neighbors called police before he was able to carry out his plans. Kumar was arrested on charges of murder.