Man stands under Walmart sign 2 days hoping that a loose letter falls on him so he can file lawsuit

Manuel Garcia at Walmart
By: Tanya Clark

People were shocked when a man bragged about his plans to file a lawsuit against Walmart.

Manuel Garcia, 25, of Texas, posted a photo of himself standing in front of a Walmart store underneath the word pharmacy.

Garcia pointed out to his Facebook followers that the letter P in the word pharmacy was loose and that he hoped that it would fall on his head so he can sue the corporation.

Garcia of Weslaco, posted the photo of himself standing in position with the caption: “Here waiting for the P to fall and knock me out to be able to sue Walmart.”

After spending hours waiting outside the Walmart, he gave up and left. However, he returned the next day, but the P failed to fall.

When his Facebook post went viral, people made photos of Garcia in a wheelchair with a neck brace and other funny images.

A woman named Meli Garcia, started a GoFundMe to raise money for Manuel Garcia, so that he does not have to go out and look for ways to sue Walmart. The goal was to raise $1,000, but so far, nobody has contributed to the fund.