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Man throws his dog into woman’s car to get her attention because she is pretty

By Mason White 5:04 PM February 19, 2017
Howard Van Sweringen
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A man attempted to use his dog to get him a date with a woman, but instead, he spent time with a judge.

Kristina Fuller of Florida, dropped off her daughter at the Lakeland High School before she was confronted by a stranger.

Fuller said that the man cut in front of a bus so that she can exit. She waved to the man for his nice gesture and she drove off.

However, she the realized that the man was following her.
Fuller became very scared as she was being stalked by a man she did not know.

When she stopped at a red light, the other driver, 41-year-old Howard Van Sweringen, got out of his vehicle and threw his dog on top of Fuller.

She threw the dog back at him. Van Sweringen then went back into his vehicle and rammed into her truck a few times.

In an attempt to get away, the mother of two teenage children made a u-turn. However, Van Sweringen did not let her get away.

He drove over the median and blocked three lanes of traffic so he can get behind her.

Fuller then contacted the school and informed them that she was coming back and asked them to send security officers to help her out.

When she arrived back at the school, the officer arrested Van Sweringen.

He initially told police that he knew the woman, but he later admitted “he thought she was pretty and he wanted to talk to her at any cost.”

Sweringen is facing charges of aggravated battery for ramming the woman’s truck and trespassing on school property because he does not have a child at that school.