Man who mailed meth to hotel so he can try it for the first time while on vacation busted after it arrived before him

Robert Bare
By: William Martin

While many people are complaining that the U.S. Postal Service is slow to deliver their mail, one man had the opposite problem.

24-year-old Robert Bare of Bullhead City, Arizona, mailed drugs to a hotel in Florida, so he can receive the package when he gets there.

However, to his bad luck, the package arrived before he did, and he was arrested.

Key West police were called after the package was opened and it contained dirty socks wrapped in paper.

The package was addressed to the hotel at 3420 N. Roosevelt Blvd., and it had a return address with the name Robert Dean Bare.

Hotel management told police that they did not have any guest with that name at the time.

When Bare arrived at the hotel, he asked whether his package had arrived. A police officer posed as a hotel manager and brought the package to Bare.

When he took it and walked away, officers confronted him. After a brief struggle, Bare was arrested on charges of drug possession and resisting arrest.

During questioning, Bare told police that he mailed himself methamphetamine “because he is in town to party” and he wanted to try the drug for the first time while on vacation.

Bare was released from jail after posting $19,000 bond.