Teacher gives 13-year-old students instructions on how to cook and inject meth as part of homework assignment

Classroom (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A mother was horrified when her son brought home a school assignment, which instructed the children on how to make and inject drugs.

Delight Greenidge of Canada, was horrified when her 13-year-old son was giving an assignment along with clear instructions and which ingredients to use to cook meth.

The instructions also made clear how one goes about injecting themselves with the crystal meth.

Greenidge’s son, who is in the eighth grade at Erin Mills Middle School in Mississauga, Ontario, showed his mother the assignment, which was part of their drama class.

The mother said that her son’s class was ordered to make a skit. At first, his group wanted to make the skit about an old television show.

However, when that did not work out, the teacher suggested that they make a skit about crystal meth.

The teacher wrote on the assignment sheet that the children should “act scared” while they are cooking the meth and they should “act happy” when they inject the drugs.

The teacher was suspended with pay after the Peel District School Board learned about the incident.

The school board confirmed that the teacher handed out the instructions about meth to students.

However, they refused to give details about their investigation as it is a “personnel issue.” They also did not say if any changes will be made to the school system to avoid such incidents in the future.