The Best Exercise For A Great Butt

By: Michelle Parker

Did you always want to have a great butt without undergoing surgery or spending a lot of time?

Are you committed to stepping out of your comfort zone for a few minutes a day to do the work for great results?

There are several ways of getting nice, more rounded and bigger buttocks. One way is to do less strenuous exercise such as squats, but people don’t have patience to wait the long time to see the results.

Here is a simple, excellent, but challenging way to get a great butt.

Walk up stairs. When you walk up stairs you use your glutes. The gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles, which make up the buttocks.

The catch: you have to be committed to walking up a least 10 flight of stairs everyday.

It may take between 5 and 10 minutes to walk up and down the stairs, depending on how fast you go.

You don’t have to rush, but remember to stand straight while climbing the stairs. Don’t lean forward and don’t give up.

In about 8 weeks, you should see a big change in the shape and size of your butt.

According to experts, walking up the stairs not only helps you lose weight and get a great body, but it also has many other health benefits.

Push yourself just a little bit, you can do it, and the results are well worth it as your partner will love your new look.